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Villafranca del Bierzo

Fuentes de San Lázaro is located in the heart of the Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago, in the foothills of Villafranca del Bierzo. The soil is characteristic of the vineyards in El Bierzo, the texture is straightforward with clay and on the hillside consisting of a mixture of large elements, quartz and slate. In this beautiful landscape Demencia possesses a magnificent plateau covering almost two hectares and facing south. It is 600 metres above sea level and the soil drainage favours the natural health of the land. It is endowed with a little house and boasts apple, pear, peach, almond and cherry trees, with lavender and other aromatic plants throughout the plantation.

It’s protected from the south wind by Mount Cotelo. It has its own microclimate which usually protects it from frost and storms. The wines from here boast an extraordinarily fruity sensation – they are exceedingly tasty and well balanced.

Saint Jacques Way

South of Valdetruchas, crossing the pilgrims’ way we come to our vineyard in Los Tres, in the heart of El Bierzo’s golden mile of vineyards. The terroir is unique with its straightforward texture and clay on the hillside, at around 540 metres above sea level.

This beautiful landscape is the latest acquisition for Demencia in the municipality of Villafranca del Bierzo. It had been abandoned for three years and was full of brambles and other weeds; we are working with the surviving vines and recovering a vineyard that was lost so that it can once again become part of El Bierzo’s landscape and vine growing heritage.