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Valtuille de Abajo

Villegas is the iconic site for Demencia. This was the landscape that saw the birth of our dream. Located in Valtuille de Abajo, it covers almost five hectares of famed vineyard among Demencia’s holdings and over six thousand square metres are cultivated. 

The terroir has clay and a straightforward texture, with a significant amount of sand which is not at all common in El Bierzo. This gives it a unique personality. Our vineyards are at around 500 metres above sea level, facing northeast and so bathed in sunlight from early in the morning, and partially protected from the intense sunlight at midday. The vintages are regular, giving us an austere but profound wine with great potential for ageing.

Requejada, also in Valtuille, borders westwards on the famed Rapolao. These soils are rich in clay and on steep slopes facing west, which defines their personality. 

The sun shines on them directly from the end of the morning. It is a fresh vineyard with poor soil, open to the predominating winds from Galicia and provides us with very fragile wines that are difficult to interpret.