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Pyjama Mencia

Our Pyjama Mencía wine is representative of the area of El Bierzo. Its grapes come from different places in the region. We use goblet-pruned vines that are at least 60 years old. Fermentation is spontaneous and yeasts are local. We use the best vines which produce somewhat more.

This is a highly versatile wine thanks to its structure and the personality of the Mencía variety. This is a wine to enjoy on diverse occasions, at the bar and by the glass, but also at table and with more intense meals.

Ageing is roughly 7 months in French oak barrels, which gives the wine a certain complexity, but respecting its own inherent properties.

The 2018 vintage is one of the best and freshest in El Bierzo; quite possibly the best in the last 15 years. From the point of view of the vine, it was especially difficult as the months of June and July were hot and rainy, an almost tropical climate.

The grapes reached phenolic ripeness on time, while alcoholic fermentation was not excessive. These wines are fine and fruity and without a great structure.