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We focused our project in an idealistic way. Our dream is to create a great wine, based on our understanding of the vineyard, its terroir, and the native grapes of the Mencia varietal. An artisan production, ecofriendly viticulture and vigilant ageing evoking traditional consumption tied to the local culture, all without forgetting the latest trends and responding to changes rapidly and with a personal commitment.

Vintage 2013 was a very good year. The winter had a lot of rainy days, and spring was fresh too. The summer was not too hot, but it didn’t bring us a lot of rain. The ripeness of the fruit was late, but there wine resulted seems to be delicate and balanced.

Fermented in 1500-liter stainless steel tanks, indigenous yeasts; maceration during 48 hours prior to fermentation; alcoholic fermentation during 12 days, punching the cap manually to favor the extraction of polyphenols and aromas. Drawing off by gravity without pressing.