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Demencia 10th Aniversary

We began in 2006 a project based on our understanding of the vineyard, its terroir, and the native grapes of the Mencia varietal. An artisan production, a vigilant aging, evoking traditional consumption tied to the local culture, all without forgetting the latest trends. In 2016 we decided to celebrate our tenth anniversary with a commemo

2012 had a very dry winter, and the summer was fresh but dry too. This draught gave us very good grapes, but the ripeness time was late. The plants were blocked because of water stress. The wines from this vintage have sweet and long tannins, so persistent but in a friendly way. It is a wonderful vintage that gave us a very unique wine of our identity -Demencia.

We introduced the wine in Old French oak barrels so early, and it finished alcoholic fermentation in them. During the initial six months the wine was kept with selected fine lees, performing frequent batonnage. We racked several times spending 40 months of ageing. Later on, three months in a stainless steel tank during the winter where the cold makes a natural stabilization. The wine is not subjected to microfiltration nor stabilizing treatments.